Safety and Security

Disasters are broadly defined as the sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, or destruction. They are categorized as natural and man-made. With the phenomenon of climate change, there is an increasing trend of natural disturbances causing alarm to peoples and communities alike, among them include earthquake, flood, typhoon, and fire caused by lightning. Aside from natural disasters, there are also man-made tragedies, which are mostly caused by miscalculated or inappropriately managed risks. These risks may be regarded as products of hazards and vulnerabilities combined.

Some of the man-made disasters include fire, bomb and/or bomb threat, kidnapping, bank robbery, traffic incident, hold-up, trike/lock-out, rally/demonstration, and hostage. Among these disasters, fire is the most dominant that has cost so much life and properties. In most cases, incidents of fire are caused by a number of human factors such as, intentional carelessness (smoking, negligence, etc.) and unintentional carelessness (misuse of electricity, children playing with matches).

For purposes of ensuring the safety of peoples and property the Philippine government mandates the conduct of routine inspections, drills, and exercises. All these are intended to cultivate the culture of preparedness and resiliency towards both natural as well as man-made hazards. It is our utmost priority to ensure that everyone is at all times safe and secured. (Excerpt from USC Evacuation Drill Preparedness Guide)

Saint Jude Catholic School is one with the government in its mandate and effort to mitigate the possible irreversible outcomes of calamities/disasters. The School ensures the school community that a disaster preparedness, safety and rescue program is in place to:
  1.  Provide leadership through the creation of committee that will formulate relevant disaster preparedness and emergency response guidelines and plans;
  2. Facilitate bi-annual evacuation drills in order to ensure a safe learning and working environment for all Judenites;
  3. Evaluate the School’s capacity for disaster in the areas of preparedness, response and recovery
The committee shall be known as Saint Jude Catholic School Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Management Committee. The overall coordinator is the Head of the Administrative Division Office.