About the Prefect of Discipline

The Office of the Prefect of Discipline assists the Principal, other academic administrators and the teachers in matters pertaining to order and discipline.

The office oversees the enforcement of the school rules, regulations and policies on discipline.

Location:         3rd Floor New Gym Building

Personnel :     
  • Mr. Andrew Dacurawat, Ed.D (Prefect for Elementary) - Local 181
  • Mr. Anthony De Lara (Prefect for High School ) - Local 180
For your behavior/conduct concerns, please call our I-Text Mo Prefect Mo Hotline :        
  • Prefect for Elementary
    • Mr. Andrew Barrymore Dacurawat, Ed.D - 09985467389
  • Prefect for High School
    • Mr. Anthony De Lara - 09228893146