About Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center strives to support and enrich the Saint Jude Catholic School (SJCS) curriculum, as well as to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which members of the School community can successfully seek information and ideas for their educational, informational, and recreational needs.

The Learning Resource Center supports and enhances the School’s core values of excellence, commitment, discipline, service, and Christ-centeredness by:

• selecting and providing a range of interesting and inspiring library resources and other materials in a variety of formats
• managing resources effectively and to promote their use actively
• supporting the School community’s information needs
• supporting reading and related activities for leisure and individual interest
• increasing knowledge and appreciation of Chinese-Filipino cultural heritage by way of museum and archival works


The LRC, particularly its Library, was conceived as an integral part of the School since its establishment in 1963. Its development began with collection building. At present, there are over ten thousand titles of monographs and other learning resource materials in English, Chinese, Filipino and few other languages. The book collection covers all the ten (10) divisions of the Dewey Decimal System. Special collections include: Filipiniana, Chinese Heritage, Professional Development, Religion, SVD Spirituality, School publications (Chimes, Judenites, etc.), and Audiovisual materials. The Library keeps both the current and old editions of serials subscribed to. The artifacts and memorabilia are housed in the Museum & Archives.

Operating hours
The Library is open daily except on Thursday and Sunday, from 6:40 am to 5:45 pm. AVR, Museum and Discussion Rooms could be accessed (by appointment) daily during class hours.

The Learning Resource Center provides access to sources of information, including books, periodicals, journals, and audio-visual materials, as well as to equipment that can enhance the knowledge and skills of students, especially research skills. It is a center for the production and reproduction of information materials. A library card is being issued to all students from Grade 1 to 4th year High School at the start of every school year.

2nd floor, Gym building