Guidance Office Objectives

In line with the school’s vision, mission and core values, the Guidance aims to provide and implement continuous guidance services to safeguard the psycho-emotional needs of the students and to assist them in their developmental growth so that they may become well adjusted individuals. Thus, in order to meet this main goal the following specific objectives were developed:

For the Primary Level (K to Grade 2)
• Aid the students in their adjustment to a new environment through adequate information and guidance for academic success.
• Help the students in acquiring a better knowledge of their own strengths by identifying their talents and skills.
• Assist students in learning appropriate behaviors that will enhance their existing values and prepare them in their relationship with others.

For the Intermediate Level (Grade 3 to 6)
• Assist the students in their interaction with members of both sexes through knowledge, acceptance and appreciation of their own uniqueness. • Give instruction and various activities to students that can help them develop the application of proper communication skills for academic success.
• Help the students set realistic goals through knowledge of their priorities.

For the Secondary Level (Gr.7 to Gr.12)
• Assist the students in their search for identity by providing an avenue for them to recognize, express and share their unique traits with others.
• Provide situations for the students that could help them interact well with others through socially responsible behavior.
• Aid the students in setting realistic goals by giving them opportunities that could help them plan ahead and discover their own strengths and limitations.
• Expose the students to different career opportunities that would guide and help them decide intelligently, carefully and wisely on what courses are best suited to their abilities, aptitude and interest.
• Orient the students on what to expect in college for a smooth transition from high school to college life.