Student Council Central Board (SCCB)

The Student Council Central Board (SCCB) is the high school student's governing board whose officers are dully elected by the student body every year. It acts as the unifying, motivating and coordinating force of student activities in the High School Department. It aims to promote and protect the rights and welfare of the students by serving as the voice of the students' s needs, views and opinions.

Student Council Central Board Officers SY 2014 - 2015

President: Nicole Chiang 
Vice - President: Mark Teo
Secretary: Alexandra Marie Go
Asst. Secretary: Therese Francine Lo
Treasurer: Karlson Ty
Asst. Treasurer: Kyle Liong
PRO: Christine Tan
Asst. PRO: Sharlene Yap
Auditor: Caila Licup
Gr. 7 Rep: Mallechi Lim
Gr. 8 Rep: Mika Tionson
Gr. 9 Rep: Matthew Ang
Gr. 10 Rep: Rhea Cathleen Chong
HS 4 Rep: Janet tiu

Mr. Marlon Ocfemia Mr. Jules Lo