Mental Smackdown

Tuesday, 06 March 2018

For four consecutive years, the Judenites bested out other students from around the country in Mental Smackdown, a battle of scientific prowess.

Lance Lim (8A), Steven Reyes (9A), and Stefan Ong (10A) combined their skills to ensure that the team will be keeping the perpetual trophy which has been in our possession for four years now.

The school was also awarded a special plaque which recognizes the exemplary performance of Judenites, being champions for three consecutive years.

Also, Stefan Was awarded the top scorer award for the individual round. This is also a back-to-back win for him.

Lastly, Cheyenne Kohchet-Chua also secured a second place victory in the extemporaneous speaking competition.

The following Judenites have made this 4-peat possible:

2015 Johnson Shi, Gianna Nuncio, Axl Lee, Lance Chua
2016 Axl Lee, Lance Chua, Stefan Ong, Steven Reyes
2017 Lance Chua, Stefan Ong, Steven Reyes, Lance Lim

They were guided by Mr. Russel Odi.

Kudos to everyone!

#JudenitePRIDE #JudeniteEXCELLENCE