Perfect Scorer! Team Champion!

Tuesday, 05 December 2017

One of the five perfect scorers from among 176 high school participants who participated in the International Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad (ITMO) Keystage III is a Judenite.

Steven Reyes (9A) secured the gold medal after flawlessly completing the individual round of ITMO 2017, held in Davao City, November 8-15.

Stefan Ong (10A) also secured a silver medal. Lance Lim (8A) and Vanessa Julio (8A) scored bronze while Naomi King (9A) and Gregory Tiong (9D) were given the merit award.

For the team competition, Judenites were grouped with other members of the Philippine team.

Stefan and Lance were on the same group and they emerged as champions. Steven's group managed to get the first-runner up finish while Vanessa's group achieved the second runner-up finish.

Another award was given based on the sum of individual scores of each member of a team. Stefan and Lance's group got the first runner-up finish. The same case is true for Steven's group. Vanessa and Gregory's teams ranked as second runner-up.

Teams from Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, South Africa, Nepal, 
Nigeria, Iran, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam also attended ITMO 2017.

Congratulations to all!

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