Department Objectives

The Judenites who graduate from the High School Department of Saint Jude Catholic School are expected to manifest the following competencies:
  • demonstrate invaluable academic foundation through an enhanced curriculum- the Enhanced K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum of the Department of Education with an integration of the study of the Chinese language and culture- which will give them a competitive edge as they prepare for higher education;

  • meet the challenges of the globally competitive society through Christian values and balanced curricula;

  • imbibe the spiritual and moral aspects of the Catholic education through the SVD charisms manifested in the value of community service; IV. share and exhibit their potentials and skills in leadership as well as in responsible and productive citizenry;

  • communicate proficiently in English, Filipino and Mandarin;

  • exhibit pride in their unique Filipino-Chinese cultural heritage enhanced through the relevant curricula and significant extra-curricular activities and programs; and

  • live out respect for other cultures and for the dignity of the human person.