Co-curricular Programs

In its relentless pursuit to prepare students for life, the High School Department through the Student Activities Office (SAO) endeavors to promote the holistic formation of Judenites guided by the school’s vision, mission and HS department’s educational goals and philosophy. This will provide opportunities for active student leadership with emphasis on the school’s core values of service and excellence through different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  1. To assist students in coordination with club moderators in recognizing their potentials through their active participation in various programs and activities that will complement classroom learning and thus giving them the opportunity to harness their innate skills.
  2. To formulate and implement appropriate programs aimed to develop servant leaders, socially responsive students and active witnesses to the Word.
  3. To establish and maintain an effective system of monitoring and evaluating student programs and activities

CLUB OFFERINGS for School Year 2014-2015


Curricular/Academic Clubs
Organization for the Advancement of Scientific Interest of Students (OASIS)
It aims to entice students’ interest in Science and Technology through membership and participation in various activities of the school, keeping its members abreast with current scientific and environmental issues through readings, experimentations and hands-on activities.

iMath Society

The iMath Society is an organization that explores the academic side of mathematics through interactive discourse and collaborative learning. Some of its activities include symposium, film showing, and review classes in Math subjects. Ultimately, our goal is to build a society of mathematical thinkers, enthusiasts, and problem solvers in our school.

Kapisanan ng Diwang Filipino


It aims to promote deeper love for the Filipino language, heritage, culture and tradition through various activities, contests and projects.
The Elite The ELITE aims to promote discipline, excellence, commitment, service and Christ-centeredness through language and art skills geared towards the development of one’s identity, creativity and self-worth through communication.
Special Interest Clubs
Techies Circle It aims to enrich and update its members in computer technology through web designing, games and applications development, troubleshooting software and hardware problems, and share this with the school, leading it towards technology.
Diners’ Club of SJCS
It aims to develop and harness the culinary and housekeeping skills of its members through various activities related to food preparation, proper etiquette, social and environmental concern.
MATRIX (The Young Innovators’ Club) A training ground for young innovators, the Matrix Club aims to inculcate basic engineering and scientific skills among its members through various hands-on activities, competitions, and seminars.
Aspiring Alchemists’ Alliance A focus on Chemistry as the Central Science, this club bridges gaps to other Science and non-Science fields to further strengthen interest on Chemistry through activities, experiments and innovative technology.
String Ensemble
As part of the holistic development of a true Judenite, The club aims to be a haven for the musical faculties of a student, an organization to nurture and enhance the knowledge in playing an instrument, and an ensemble to set a framework of values that will promote the individual talent and encourage a commitment to a group through sharing and exchanging of musical ideas.

The Scratch Society (Digital/Visual Arts and Photography) The Scratch Society is an organization aimed towards promoting the school’s core values - Discipline, Excellence, Commitment, Service and Christ-Centeredness through fusing the eloquence of the English language and the sophistication of the visual arts, geared towards the development of an individual’s identity, creativity, and self-worth.
FLEX iMath
It is an organization for Judenites to foster their genuine love for mathematics through fun-filled and engaging activities promoting math, developing their strong sense of camaraderie among members and application of leadership skills in math that reflects the five core values of the institution: discipline, excellence, Christ-centeredness,  commitment, and service.

Cultural Clubs
Bagani It aims to instill awareness and appreciation of the diverse social dimensions of the country and of the world as well as to promote cultural understanding and social responsibility.
Chinese Club  
It aims to empower students to appreciate, respect, find meaning and be connected in their unique Chinese cultural heritage, language and tradition.

Service Clubs
Scouting Movement

The SJCS Scouting Movement is an organization that imposes the spirit of service and camaraderie that provide a new set of servant leaders to promote discipline and service to do our duty to God, to country and others.

It consists of Junior Leaders from higher levels and Grade 7 students  through self-training enriching experiences,  influences boys and girls even young men and women into becoming responsible, decisive, useful citizens, heard, respected and acknowledged in a changing world.

Performing Arts Club
Judenites Chorale Ensemble
It is a school / church based choir that serves as a unifying factor for the members. Focused towards the goal of musical proficiency and to showcase the talents of its members. It also aims to enliven the Christian response to the Gospel by promoting active participation in the celebration of the Holy Mass and other spiritual exercises of the school, and it promotes community worship through praise and songs.
Elevation – The SJCS Dance Troupe
It aims to develop among students the grace and skills in dancing, making them worthy contributors to the Filipino-Chinese cultural heritage and traditions through folk and modern dance.

DBMC   It aims to hone and harness the talents of the Judenites in playing different musical instruments.
Drama Guild
It is a theater-based organization that hones the talents of its members in acting, lights and sounds manipulation, properties creation and execution, makeup and wardrobe design, publicity planning and strategy; it promotes also SJCS core values through skills geared towards the development of one’s identity, creativity and self worth.

Religious Club
Knights of the Altar Society (KAS)  
It embodies and aims to uphold duties, ideals and zeal in the service of the Lord through various religious activities of the school.

Christian Life Community (CLC)  
It trains the members to become servants of God through reading of the Scriptures, leading the community to prayer and reflection, and likewise exposes its members to different religious activities.

Filipino-Chinese Catholic Youth (FCCY)
It aims to bring the Filipino-Chinese youth closer to God by creating programs and activities that will lead to their spiritual upliftment and active involvement in the mission of the Church.
Athletics Club
Sports Club
To inspire students to become physically active for lifetime through sports, particularly, Futsal. To give students a more competitive outlet for Futsal without fully committing to compete as an athlete.