Student Clubs

The Early Childhood Department provides quality education through a holistic approach that ensures the full development of each learner. Aside from providing a challenging curricular program, it also offers activities or avenues that help bring out the innate talents of the learners. Currently, ECD- Basic Education has Glee Club for those with inclination in singing, and Dance Club, for those interested in dancing.

For this school year, the Glee Club will be handled by the following club moderators: Mrs. Osbual, Mrs. Luna, Mrs. Valencia, Ms. Potente , Mrs. Reututar and Ms. Dinio. On the other hand, the official choreographer of the Dance Club is Mr. Adrian Carpio. He will be assisted by the following teachers - Mrs. Sayo, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Tanlimco and Ms. Licudine.

To promote the unique Chinese cultural heritage to the students, the Early Childhood Chinese Department, conversely, provides extra-curricular activities through Chinese songs and dance performances. For the K2 afternoon session, the Chinese Glee club is handled by the K2 Chinese teachers: Wu lao shi; Zhang lao shi; Lin lao shi; Ding lao shi; Chen lao shi and Li lao shi. Meanwhile, for the afternoon K1 session, the Chinese Dance club is handled by the K1 Chinese teachers: Su lao shi; Cai lao shi; Shi lao shi; Chen lao shi; Wang lao shi and Pang lao shi.