Department Objectives

Early Childhood Department Objectives
The Judenites who graduate from the Early Childhood Department of
Saint Jude Catholic School are expected to manifest the following competencies:

Nursery Level

  • Manifest fundamental movement skills, perceptual motor skills, and fine motor skills, through activities and exercises;

  • Manifest sense of enjoyment and accomplishments on his/her intellectual curiosity and creativity through experiential learning of the real material world and social interactions;

  • Exhibit emergent communication skills for both English and Chinese languages;

  • Express emotions in an appropriate way and be able to relate with the feelings of others;

  • Develop healthy concepts and appreciation of self, family, community, world, and God; and

  • Show habits of courtesy, respect, charity, and love of God.

Kindergarten Level

  • Acquire facility in basic readiness skills in listening, thinking, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing in English, Filipino and in Mandarin;

  • Exhibit numeracy in classifying, seriating, arranging and ordering, reflective thinking, and problem solving with the standard speed and accuracy; material world and social interactions;

  • Engage actively and responsively in extra-curricular activities and other selected meaningful experiences considering their interests and capabilities; and

  • Perform various activities in appreciation of their distinct cultural heritage.