Vision-Mission & Core Values


將來能為人群服務, 並取得卓越的成就。



3. Core Values
In pursuit of its vision-mission, the school promotes the following fundamental values that define its character as a Catholic learning institution:
a. Discipline
Saint Jude Catholic School promulgates rules and regulations that are needed to govern the behavior of its members.  We believe that for a school such as SJCS to function effectively, there must be developed and maintained a healthy school atmosphere conducive to the promotion and preservation of academic freedom and effective teaching and learning.  This requires that norms of conduct expected of members of the academic community should be met.  We likewise believe that any disciplinary act that inflicts pain or harm upon a child is prejudicial to his or her development and a form of violence that contradicts the very essence of Christ’s teachings and the school’s philosophy.
b. Excellence
The highest standards of academic excellence are the hallmarks of our educative endeavors.  Such excellence is not a state to be achieved, but rather a perpetual determination to become better. We commit to regularly re-examine and strengthen our academic programs to make them relevant and responsive to learners’ needs and the changing times.  We will continue to strive to develop in all members of our academic community, particularly the teachers, the professional competencies expected of them.  We will also continue to endeavor to provide the support structures and student development programs that will not only reinforce classroom learning but also enable students to thirst for new knowledge and see the value of lifelong learning.
c. Christ-centeredness
A life centered on Christ is deeply rooted in a personal relationship with God and an authentic living out of the Kingdom’s values of love, peace, truth, justice, solidarity, and equality.  A person who is Christ-centered has deep respect for the dignity of persons and recognizes that each man and woman is interrelated with each other and with the environment.  Being Christ-centered also means living a life of prayer, and being charitable and hopeful.  With Christ as the center of our lives, we will be able to achieve the total transformation of the world with our committed witnessing to the Divine Word imbibed through our practice of the Christian faith, morals and values.
d. Commitment
Our desire for excellence and performance requires a binding commitment of all that we have and all that we are in pursuit of our goals.  Commitment implies giving everything.  It is a rejection of indifferences and requires an undivided heart.  It means not compromising our principles and ensuring that we remain dedicated and true to our purposes and mission.
e. Service
Saint Jude Catholic School is successful in its mission of educating the youth and spreading the Word of the Lord if its students and alumni live lives dedicated towards service to others.  Living lives in the service of others captures the truth of love and happiness one dedicates himself towards what is best for others.  The school believes that personal growth is meaningful only if it is focused on unselfish service, especially to the less fortunate.  In being of service to others, we should commit not only to help uplift the human person’s quality of life, especially the less fortunate and underprivileged, but also to build Christian communities.  Saint Jude Catholic School will ensure that our service ethics manifests a strong sense of responsibility, accountability, efficiency, and professionalism.