Objectives of the School

Inspired by the charism and spirituality of the Society of the Divine Word, Saint Jude Catholic School strives to achieve the following:
1.      Develop holistically each student, the endeavor to encompass all domains - physical, social, emotional, intellectual, cultural, moral and spiritual faculties - through the application of integral, comprehensive, and developmental programs which enable students to have sound  foundations in  achieving  standards of learning,  and acquiring competencies, and discipline for a fuller and responsible participation in the local, national,  and global community.
2.      Provide religious instruction, spiritual formation, and moral guidance to the young anchored on the Gospel teachings and values which revolve around a profound love for God, a deep respect for people, and unselfish service to the community and the environment.
3.      Nurture and promote the students’ unique Chinese-Filipino heritage as embodied in the two-pronged curricula and programs which develop their understanding, competencies, and pride on their rich cultural identity toward greater respect of multicultural diversity, universal solidarity, and sharing in the transformation of the world.
Promote actively the SVD missionary charism and spirituality with its focus on prophetic dialogue with the poor and marginalized, with people of other faiths and cultures, with faith seekers, and those with other ideologies, with the school serving as a locus of dialogue, solidarity, and charity.