Educational Philosophy

Saint Jude Catholic School sees education as a holistic undertaking that strives for the complete formation of the human person for the common good of society.  Children and youth are to be nurtured so that their physique, emotional maturity, social awareness and skills, cultural awareness and sensitivities, morality and intelligence are developed simultaneously and in harmony.
The school understands that parents and those who take their place have the fundamental and inalienable right to the education of their children.  Nonetheless, it likewise believes that the Church also has a role in education, this role being founded on its divine mission to assist all men and women in their efforts to achieve the fullness of Christian life.  By educating the youth, Saint Jude Catholic School carries out the missionary task of the Church and the specific charism of the Society of the Divine Word to proclaim the mystery of salvation to all peoples and renew all things in Christ.
From the founding generations of the school, the two-pronged curricular programs in English Basic Education and Chinese have been distinctly developed.  These programs mold youth through a formative process that interweaves and the appreciation of cultural heritage.  Out of this process, socially responsible leaders and active agents of change, especially from the Chinese-Filipino Community, will emerge ready to contribute meaningfully to the transformation of society.